My Videos

I love planning goals for the new year and that’s why I wanted to share all of my secrets of how I make my vision board. Hope you like it!
In this video I take you on what seemed like a promising adventure while attempting to film the sunrise for an upcoming film project, but due to a series of unfortunate events, I learn several lessons the hard way.
In this video I talk about my upcoming documentary project and unbox my very first camera!
In this video I share how I got started in therapy and why I was afraid of talking about it openly.
In this video I talk about what is mental health and the difference between mental health and mental illness.
In this video I share the importance of understanding your mind and the benefits I saw when I started to understand my own.
In this video I talk about how when we criticize people’s appearance, including our own,in front of children, we teach them not only to judge and criticize other people but themselves as well.
This is a behind the scenes look at my photo shoot with talented photographer Laiana McGee! Special Thanks to Luana Dos Santos for assisting and filming while we shot! We had so much fun!
In this video I talk about how growing up I was taught to judge everyone, including myself, by their appearance, their weight, the shape of their body and what they wear. I finally learned what I waste of energy it is to spend my whole life judging everyone around me.
This is a video that was edited from one of my live-streams in which I talk about how to stop a negative thought spiral.
A few years ago I discovered the work of Jack Canfield and it completely changed the way I look at my life. The Success Principles was a very important part of that process.
On this video I talk about how practicing gratitude has improved my depression symptoms and made me a more positive person.
How I planned a 10th birthday party for my dog and helped to raise money for my local animal shelter.
Vlog 16 | Weeks 4-6 post breast reduction surgery. In this video I talk about the last part of my recovery from surgery.

Vlog 15 |Third week post breast reduction surgery | In this video you will see what it was like going back to work, and driving again after surgery.
I have posted this video on my YouTube channel a few weeks ago without Portuguese subtitles. If you didn’t catch it before, enjoy!