Cold Sunny Days of Winter

Surviving low temperatures and seasonal affective disorder

The first thing I notice when I wake up, besides the harrowing weight of existence, is the light that sneaks into my bedroom through the gap above my curtains. I can’t always tell weather it’s sunny or cloudy out. Most days, I don’t check the weather forecast beforehand, for fear of having my soul crushed by the possibility of rain, or snow before it even happens. I’m warned “the temperature is going to be dropping this week” by my beloved, as an attempt to emotionally prepare me for the harshest days of the season.

I’m aware of what’s coming in the following days. My heart is filled with gratitude for I do not have any particular reason to leave my home on that frigid Monday. The temperature outside falls below ten degrees Fahrenheit that day, as I spend the day snuggled under the covers on my warm couch. I wasn’t so lucky the following few days. I hear the temperatures were about to drop again, and this time I will have to face them head on.

It has been one of the coldest nights. During that first moment of consciousness as I awake, having yet to open my eyes, I feel the dread of the bitter cold I am about to endure that day. As I open my eyes and glance at the bright stream of light coming in through the top of the curtain, I reluctantly peel my tired body and soul out of bed. Sighing I part the curtains and open the blinds as a beautiful and much needed surprise hit my eyes. I squint. Sunlight.

My soul rejoices at the sight of golden rays bathing the scenery outside my window. The sun is out. The only thing that could make this day less loathsome is the presence of sunshine, and here it is. Stepping outside I cannot feel its warmth on the only couple inches of exposed skin around my eyes, but I can see it. The sight of it is enough to warm my heart and help me believe that I can survive this day. The sun stuck around all through the day like a loyal companion. Gratitude fills my heart. Everyday when the sun comes out is a better day, for I am a solar powered person.