Why “Solar Powered”?

I am a Solar Powered Person

For as long as I can remember summer has been my favorite season. Growing up I loved spending time outside in the sun and the beach has always been my absolute favorite place to be. After I moved to New England from Brazil, I started noticing a change in my mood and energy levels primarily during the winter months. I felt like I was a completely different person during the winter, than I was during the summer. The warm weather and sunshine gave me tons of energy and motivation, while in the cold and low light of winter I could barely stay awake through the day.

Later I learned that the reason I feel this way is because the lack of sunlight in the winter can have a direct effect on some people’s brain chemicals. In other words, some of us require greater amounts of sunlight for longer periods of time in order to function at our best. Its almost like we’re solar powered.

Eventually I was diagnosed with Major Depressive disorder with a seasonal pattern (also known as Seasonal Affective Disorder) which is a serious illness that can have debilitating symptoms. Even though I take my treatment very seriously I refuse to let depression bring me down. Just kidding, depression sucks and it does bring me down sometimes, BUT it’s all about trying to get back up and that is what I do.

I decided to adopt the title of ‘Solar Powered’ as a way to put a positive spin on my struggles with depression. It’s empowering to think that I just need a little bit more sunshine than some people, simply because I’m solar powered.

To me, being ‘Solar Powered’ means choosing to look at the positive side of things and turning your struggles into strengths.